Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the hours of operation?
    • The pool is open each day from 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM
  • How long is the pool season?
    • Memorial Day to Labor Day. The pool will remain open through the Fall as weather permits.
  • When the pool is closed, how and when will we get the news?
    • If the pool must be closed, we will post the reason and estimated date of opening at the pool.  In addition, you can contact any Board of Director from this website.
  •  Who is allowed to bring guests?  How many guests are allowed per visit?
    • Buckingham Woods and Village homeowners may bring up to four (4) guests per visit.
  • At what age can children attend the pool without a parent?
    • Children of members can attend the pool without a parent as long as the child has a valid picture HIGH SCHOOL identification.  They may bring (1) one guest who also has a valid HIGH SCHOOL identification.
  • Who can we contact with questions/suggestions?
    • We welcome your comments!  This is your pool.  Please send comments/suggestions to any Board of Director.
  • May we bring food to the pool?
    • Food IS NOT allowed inside the pool enclosure.  Picnic tables have been moved outside the pool enclosure for member use.  Only non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the pool area.  No glass containers are allowed.

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