State of Michigan, DEQ Public Act and Rules Governing Public Swimming Pools…

The following rules have been adopted by the State of Michigan.

  1. Showers MUST be taken before entering the pool area.  (Sec. 325.2192)
  2. No glass containers or alcoholic beverages.  (Sec. 325.2192)
  3. BAND-AIDS® must be removed before entering pool area.  A swimming pool owner (the Association Board of Directors) shall ensure that a person who has any of the following medical conditions is excluded from a swimming pool, except that the person may be granted use of a swimming pool upon a written determination by the health department, a personal physician, or a local health officer that the condition will not affect the health of other persons using the pool:
    1. an infectious or communicable disease
    2. a possibly infectious condition, such as a cold, skin eruption or open blister.  (Sec. 325.2192)
  4. Proper swim attire is required; NO CUTOFFS or SHORTS allowed.  (Sec. 325.2192)
  5. NO spitting or otherwise polluting swimming pool or related facilities.  (Sec. 325.2192)
  6. Running, boisterous, and/or rough play is not permitted.  (Sec. 325.2192)
  7. Diving is NOT Permitted from the edge of a pool at any location where the water depth is less that 5 feet.  (Sec. 325.2192)
  8. NO PETS, except to trained guide-dogs assisting an impaired individual.  No guide-dogs in the pool.  (Sec. 325.2191)
  9. The gate to the pool area must be kept closed at all times.  (Sec. 325.2191a)
  10. Coast Guard approved life jackets may only be worn by individuals who has in his or her possession a statement signed by a licensed physician stating that the individual has a physical disability or condition that necessitates the use of a life jacket.  (Sec. 333.12531a)

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