Resurfacing of the Pool

At the end of last season (2014), the Association received multiple complaints of attendees receiving “swimmer’s toe.”  According to multiple sources, the marcite is wearing down within the pool and the concrete has been exposed.  The solution to the “swimmer’s toe” is to have the pool resurfaced.  Other solutions, such as tiling the pool, were sought out.  In the end, resurfacing the pool with the existing solution was the most economical.  The pool was opened early this year with the sole purpose of “resurfacing.”  The resurfacing of the pool was completed in May of 2015 at cost of almost $18,000.

Below are three pictures of the pool, within the early stages of the resurfacing.

We are happy to report that the resurfacing of the pool has been completed.  Below are a few pictures of the pool being filled with water.

During the Summer of 2015, we have received many compliments on the new surface of the pool.  We are glad that the new surface was so well received.


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