The purpose of this page is to provide members with information on routine maintenance and/or repairs that have taken place at the pool and pool house.  In addition, it will serve as a timeline.

Calendar Year 2020…

  • Resealing of the parking lot
  • A 2nd water meter was installed to cut down on our water expense
  • A new drinking fountain was installed
  • The pool deck was power washed

Calendar Year 2019…

  • We fixed a few cracks that appeared within the bottom of the pool

Calendar Year 2018…

  • Addition of a storage shed
  • Repair of cracks within the pool floor

Calendar Year 2017…

  • High definition surveillance cameras

Calendar Year 2016…

Calendar Year 2015…

  • Resurfacing of the Pool

Calendar Year 2009

  • Concrete Pad for Picnic Table
  • Repainting of the Clubhouse
  • Sealcoating & Joint Filling of the Parking Lot